Easy way to take care of your feet during the rainy season

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Easy way to take care of your feet during the rainy season

8 easy ways to take care of your feet during the rainy season 

Smelly feet (Pitted Karatolysis) is caused by a bacterial infection in the area. The most common symptom of this disease that is the most common, up to 90 percent, is the foot smelly. As for the second symptom, 70% of the time is to take off the socks and feel that the socks are attached to the soles of the feet. While itching is less common, 8%
In addition to having a lot of sweat on the feet that cause damp in the summer The main cause of bacterial infection Also caused by wearing socks and shoes baked all day Including not regularly cleaning the feet and shoes When having to wade through floods in the rain Thus resulting in more odor as well
The appearance of foul-smelling feet is a small hole in the soles of the feet. Sometimes the holes may gather in shallow fossils. Looks like a map These holes are often found in areas that require weight and toe prongs. If scraping the skin with symptoms and staining, the bacteria will be blue. But in general, this disease can be seen from the external characteristics.

Foot fungus (Tinea Pedis), the word Tinea Pedis or the villagers, better known as Foot bite or Hong Kong feet Caused by a fungus Which can cause skin diseases Especially at the feet, niches, toes and toenails, sometimes even skin diseases that may not occur because of fungus alone But because the bacteria come together
Factors that promote foot fungal infections are moisture and wetness. Which can occur in the hot summer months And the rainy season with rain, flooding People who have to wade through the flood or walk barefoot in the wet ground Will get infected directly Like a farmer
Including in career groups that have to wear shoes to work all day Because the shoes cause dampness And became a source of fungi Which will grow well It is also common in adults. Especially the elderly And other risk groups such as diabetes patients Stenosis Immunity There are disorders of the blood vessels in the feet. Including those with deformed bones, etc.


Dr. Suman gave simple advice on foot health care by himself and emphasized that he should start performing regularly from today as follows.
1. Wash your feet thoroughly with a mild soapy solution for about 10 minutes. Take a shower every day which will soften the skin. But do not scrub or rub Or soak for a long time Because it will make the skin dry
2. Wipe your feet completely dry every time Especially the toe area must be really dry
3. For those who have foot odor After washing the feet clean and then wipe dry Should sprinkle the powder over the feet and feet Including not wearing shoes too tight Should choose shoes that are comfortable and breathable Socks should be cotton socks are better than nylon socks.
4. If the skin is dry, apply cream that has no pungent perfume. To provide moisture by applying a thin layer over the back, feet and feet Do not apply cream to the toe area. Because the fungus may accumulate
5. If long nails need to be cut toenails correctly By cutting straight along the edge of the nail only Do not cut the nails into the sides or nose nails. And should not cut the nails too short
6. Put shoes to suit the disease. Should wear appropriate and hygienic shoes such as diabetic patients should wear shoes that are made of soft material and have cushioning pads on the feet. Do not wear slippers that have a toe-pronged strap.
7. Regularly check your feet regularly, observe skin color, foot odor, temperature of the feet. And other abnormal symptoms such as foot pain, numbness, swelling, blistering or itching etc. by examining the entire foot, heel, toe, toe and toe area If found abnormal Should consult a doctor
8. Foot exercises To manage the ankle and foot muscles regularly every day To maintain muscle strength 


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